Wednesday, January 04, 2017

2016 Photos

Cheers to a wonderful and unbelievable 2016!

Here is 2016 in 12 photos...
And if you care to review, 2015.
Thanks for hosting, Bobbi!
*    *    *

 So grateful for the use of that fireplace for the beginning of our family life.

Hard to believe that a year ago only one of my babies was walking!

The joys of Marmie and Pop's home in South Bend. 

 We loved going to the farm, too! Pure Indiana.

Celebrating Brian's 30th with dear friends! 

 Saying goodbye to our McKinley Avenue beginnings...

We moved to Boston and Rowan started walking... almost immediately!

Enjoying adventures in our new town of Boston.

Family Sundays enjoyed in nature!
Ok. Ok. Also maybe the torture of taking my own family's Christmas card photos.
Next year, I may not be so brave. So many photos. So many almost winners.

Going apple picking and enjoying Mama's favorite season. 

Marked by a beautiful getaway with a good friend to Lockport... 

Christmas on Long Island... Lots of family we love!

May the Lord bless you and yours this year... 2017! 

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