Friday, December 02, 2016

Take 225

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I have a NEW COMPUTER!!! Eeeek! It's so pretty! And so speedy at working! I'm so excited to get all of my settings going and figure out what I love about the new operating system and get to editing some photos! Hooray!
--- 2 ---
I went out to get a drink with a friend after work last week and in the corner of the bar was the most beautiful bouquet of lilies... We're talking at least 3 feet tall and absolutely filling the room with a beautiful fragrance. I've never seen anything like it!
--- 3 ---
While Meg, Patrick and Mairin were here for Thanksgiving, we snuck out for a fun meal out while the kiddos slept. We ended up at Tatte Bakery while we waited for our name to be called at out lunch spot. This was seriously the most beautiful cafe and bakery I've ever seen! I also just noticed that I can place a Christmas order... hmm...
--- 4 ---
Then, we went to eat at a Ramen restaurant and when we arrived, they placed a basket next to our table for all of us to put our purses in... What?! I know. (Oh, and yes, Ramen restaurants are very popular here--would've never guessed it!)
--- 5 ---
Have you heard of Swedish Apple Pie? Apparently, it's apple pie with a sugar cookie crust! Umm, Yes! Here's one version that looks great :)
--- 6 ---
Since we moved into this kitchen, we've been aware that a little tiny vertical space would be best utilized by some sort of plastic drawer set of tupperware. Last week, I walked by the dumpster and found exactly what we had in mind. Crazy, no? I have secret plans to empty my  "junk drawer" box (still unpacked from the move... in the summer) into one of the four drawers... but then I think, "Really? Just pitch it all."
--- 7 ---
This week, Virginia and I scooted out to the grocery store after I put George down to bed. We arrived and soon after the dairy fridge lights went out! Weird, I thought! Then, two aisles later, there was an announcement over the loud speaker that the store was closed! Hah! We had maybe 10 minutes in the store total! It felt like my dreams come true--I was in my own live version of Supermarket Sweep! Hah! (And yes, I loved this show growing up.)

Then... two days later, we arrived to the mall 40 minutes before it closed... I mean really! We live in a city and both places closed at NINE! During the holiday season! Inconceivable!


  1. Pitch it! Buying a new sharpie could be fun. Or a new binder clip. Or a new ruler... all fun stuff to buy.