Friday, November 11, 2016

Take 222

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
There have been so many words since early Wednesday morning. There's been pain and I found myself unable to say anything on the blog. Without getting political (because I never have on this blog and won't ever start), I'm moved this week to love. Moved to love my neighbor. Moved to love my little family and moved to invite others into our life. Having just finished a book on Saint Teresa, I'm also moved by an Albanian woman, leaving her home and loving everyone she encountered in Calcutta and beyond. Growing up, I always thought she was Indian. But she wasn't! She became like those she loved. And I want to love like that.

--- 2 ---
On Veterans Day, a big thank you to those who have served--especially my very loved Grandpa Bud. I am so grateful for his service and all those who have served. 
--- 3 ---
Back to our less-than-serious-quick-takes... On we go with our usual random collection... Beginning with crepes! Virginia spent her Sunday morning preparing a feast for us while we attended church! What a little celebration it was when we returned! Strawberries, blueberries, whipped cream, ricotta and homemade crepes! Gah!

(Note: go reference quick take 1--she loved us so well that morning! Thanks, Virginia!)
--- 4 ---
I cut up a whole chicken this week. Before it was cooked. I tell ya... It was a bit traumatizing. I'm no hunter for a reason. And no, Martha Stewart, it does NOT look this clean or go this smoothly.
--- 5 ---
Remember how I talked about Trader Joe's sipping chocolate last winter? I'm ecstatic that I live near a Trader Joe's this year! Hopefully they didn't discontinue it for good last year!!
--- 6 ---
Did you ever perfect the perfect balance of chasing and controlling a toddler at a quiet event (like church)? Just enough chase to keep them close with just the slowest walk so they don't bolt? Yeah, me neither. Hah.
--- 7 ---
If you missed this--you should totally watch this. This could totally fix so many business women's problems with commuting on public transportation!