Friday, November 04, 2016

Take 221

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Yay, Cubbies!!!!
I said to Brian, "Hey, Brian! When did the Cubbies last win the World Series??"
Insert laughter and big smiles here. 

--- 2 ---
Things like this remind me to have mercy on people who are confused while using public transportation:
See signs: To Arlington St. and To Arlington St. It took me a couple of weeks to memorize which "Arlington St." I wanted.
--- 3 ---
Why is it that I was so resistant to emojis and now they seem to express things that I feel can't be expressed any other way... only by emoji? Does anyone else feel this way??
--- 4 ---
Someone on the bus this week was commuting with pizza. It was so cruel--they didn't even have enough to share with all of us on the bus! Struggle.
--- 5 ---
November is here! And yes, I'll admit to wearing my full on winter coat in October. I'm beginning to wonder if I need one of those sleeping bag coats to make it through commuting through the winter. (Note: if I buy an actual sleeping bag, I can save myself about $65.)
--- 6 ---
Did anyone else see this article on Selling Air? It makes me laugh, it makes me sad and you know what? I totally believe there's a market for it.
--- 7 ---
I'll admit to reliving this struggle regarding my health as of late. My carpal tunnel flared up in a major way about a month ago... Two weeks ago I started wearing wrist braces again at night and it helped some, but four days ago I started doing PT stretches again... three times per day and you know what? Marked improvement. Hard work pays off... but dang. It's hard work. But, I care.

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