Tuesday, November 15, 2016

My First Thanksgiving

Ok. Kind of.
This year marks my first time hosting Thanksgiving dinner! Ever! Lucky me, I get to host when we're living up the dream of the New England autumn... Oh, and an apartment sized mini-oven.

Every year I read this post by Auntie Leila, sometimes pretending that I need it, even though my family would be doing almost all the work and hosting. And, I was grateful! And this year, I'm grateful for my own adventure!

Yes, I have dreams of the perfectly roasted turkey, timing of each course so that it's all hot at once... and a miraculous upsizing of my freezer... But you know what?

I want grace. Grace to give up this Saturday when all the laundry isn't done and the corners aren't cleaned so that I can enjoy dinner with my family. Grace to enjoy a "Cheers!" to whatever is currently burning in the oven on Turkey Day. Grace to enjoying the pitter-patter of little feet instead of resenting them. Grace to say yes to a nap. Every day of vacation... Even if it means giving up a bit of order around the house. Grace to see love and to capture each moment of fun we get with visiting family... because in the wise words of my husband, "It's all about being crammed into the kitchen and the wonderful chaos of it all..." [And yes, Mary, that means if you over plan and over work, you'll be tired and miss out on the fun of cramming into our apartment kitchen together.]

Thanks, George, for helping me with the cranberry sauce! First item of our dinner is complete!


  1. I absolutely love hosting Thanksgiving dinner!! I pray that you experience some fun out of doing it - it makes me feel more grown up for some weird reason.

    Our cranberries are sitting in the freezer, waiting. Yours look so yummy, I don't want to wait until next week!

    Good luck!! You will do well, as long as you focus on the priority - of family and happy (yummy) memories first!

    1. Thanks! And yes, I'm giddy with excitement!