Tuesday, November 01, 2016

I got rid of it.

We loaded that Expedition with all of our unsold stuff from our yard sale. It was a month before we moved to a one bedroom apartment, 2 months before we loaded up our car for 9 days of vacation and 2.5 months before we (finally) unloaded the rest of our stuff into our apartment.
So, you ask: Have I regretted getting rid of anything?

You know what? No! It's crazy. 

I have had three moments where I thought, ugh. I got rid of that. But I honestly can't remember right now what they were. We did end up buying more lamps, a ton of fans, a microwave and a printer (none of which we owned before). To be fair, I kept our ice cream maker (and we've used it!) and almost all of our artwork is up on the wall--which is a big deal!

We're now at the point where we are mostly fitting into our place, but all the closets need to be emptied, organized and put away again. I kind of look forward to it. As the kids get bigger, we're not storing the old items, but simply giving them away. I have no idea how we'll manage all our winter gear when the slushy snow arrives... But we don't have stuff in all the corners of our living spaces anymore (thank you, Jesus).

Given all of that, it's crazy to think that Brian has only five more weeks of classes and then we're done with the first half of our Harvard adventure. It's unfathomable. My normal is now 7 pm cooking with George for the next night and weekends that involve more free time thanks to no yard and 500 less sqft to clean.

And yes, I plan to get rid of more stuff before we move out of this apartment. 
Believe yous me.

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