Tuesday, November 22, 2016

Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Ok. Ok. I couldn't resist sharing another season. Why? Well, because I'm a big girl in a big city with a big girl job. And you know what? I'm so grateful I spent the past year purging my wardrobe and working to love what I own and own less. So, I've considered this season to be a major success. I own pretty little, honestly.
Fall Capsule Wardrobe

Blue lace pencil dress
Coral dress
Forest green dress
 Striped skirt
Brown dress pants

Coral Jacket
Grey striped cardigan
Corduroy jacket
Turquoise cardigan
Cream sweater 

Navy shirt
White and periwinkle striped shirt
Mauve button down

Things I've learned:
  • I got a little lazy and didn't "clear" last season from my closet. Wow. What a mistake that was... I corrected it and started not to hate the morning routine so much, again.
  • I did such a fantastic job of clearing my closet last fall and winter of shoes I didn't like that I nearly had a shoe crisis this year... Literally, I had one pair of dress shoes and 2 pairs of boots. And one of those pairs of boots wasn't work worthy. I survived, but man. That was stressful. Not a cheap item to replace in bulk!
  • Dressing for the position you want is important. And gets noticed. (Also, I bought my first blazer that I actually like!)
  • It's fine to decide that some favorite (and not so beautiful) items are fine to keep for weekends. (I almost don't consider them a part of my capsule... But I also own not too many of them. Ok. I should probably rein in my sweatshirts.)
Wishing each of you a happy Thanksgiving! I haven't decided if you'll see me on Friday or not... If not, feel free to go check out my post-Thanksgiving takes from 2012... Because I will be! :)

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