Tuesday, November 29, 2016

A Weekend Away

The plan hatched pretty quickly. A generous encouragement from my husband, a quick call to a friend, a few airbnb searches... and BAM. Sitting in a tiny little apartment above this street:
Oh, and three blocks from this view:
Rockport, Massachusetts. A tiny little town with leather shops and ice cream parlors that attracts artists from all over. You can buy sizable and affordable paintings on canvas from all of the art students who flock there. It's the home of Motif #1, "the most often painted building in America". I enjoyed capturing it in the early morning as the sun rose:
It was a wonderful weekend with a friend. There was wine, pesto, good cheese, a chick flick, reading, prayer, and yes, even a little yoga. The host even thought to not turn the clock back which meant that half way through the morning on Saturday I felt like I got a whole hour back... Wasn't that nice of her? I'm now a big fan of recharging weekends spent with a good friend. The quiet was delicious. The food even more. I drank coffee for hours, edited photos and didn't yell at even one toddler. :) Sigh.

Thanks for getting away, Jule. I'm honored you came all the way here to join me!

Thanks, Love, for holding down the fort. I'm so grateful to have had the time and also that the Lord made the views so spectacular...


  1. Julia4:45 PM

    It was super fun!! Thanks for inviting me - I was honored and let's be honest...it wasn't that hard of a request :) hehe
    Until next time my friend!