Friday, October 21, 2016

Take 219

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Sean and Hannah are married!! Hip! Hip! Hooray!!! I for one am so grateful for Tess, the professional photographer, who will surely have captured many parts of the day that I missed while chasing toddlers down the aisle, changing diapers and ok ok chatting with friends from near and far! hah. It was such a lovely weekend!

(Please note, this very imperfectly taken photo of perfectly happy people was not taken by the above linked photographer!)

--- 2 ---
Traveling with two kids under three was great... on the way there. It was a dream between American Airlines iPad-like TVs and the well-rested people. The ride home? Not so much. It felt like boot camp. Everything from, "Here--eat some chocolate chips" to "Oy vey--there are those chocolate chips." Again. for the second time--coming out of you onto my shirt. Yeah. The white shirt.

It did also happen to be the first time George discovered emojis. Which was hilarious.
 And of course, I have more than a dozen photos just. like. this.
I am the Mama. And I do love that ear.
--- 3 ---
There are some wonderful people in the world and I'll tell ya, these two are at the tops:
Way to go, mother and father of the groom!
--- 4 ---
George was a ring bearer! We have been practicing for weeks down our apartment hallway. He would take Papa's ring and walk slowly down the hall, occasionally looking back to say, "All the people are looking at me!" But, I'm really hoping someone got a video or a photo or something because both the flower girl and he RAN down the aisle and George baton-passed the rings to Uncle Patrick... and then RAN back down the aisle and parked himself right in front of the bride and her father. Yup. It happened. And I hope everyone enjoyed the show! hah.
--- 5 ---
I remember when it happened. Skittles made a big change. They ditched the lime skittle and replaced it with green apple. It was promotional in 2001. And I hated it. Then, it moved in for good in 2013. And you know what? I still hate it. Give me my lime back.
--- 6 ---
Virginia and I got to see Yo-Yo Ma last night! What a treat!
Also, the Boston Symphony Hall was beautiful and had amazing acoustics!
--- 7 ---
Did you know that autumn is in full swing!? Get out there and notice it! Gah! I went out with a camera this week to capture whatever I could find closest to work. I made it to the Boston Public Garden, found the prettiest tree I could find, set up my shot... and then a hawk flew into my frame! Amazing.


  1. I'm still pretty annoyed by that green apple decision, too :( Lime is SO much better!!

  2. Mary, hahahahaha, as soon as I upload the card with George trying to walk down with Hannah, I am posting it for you! Hahaha be prepared for MANY of George and Rowan :) :)

  3. #6: What? Are you local? We're in New England to and Phillip's new job deals with acoustics in building materials so he wants to go see/hear something in Symphony Hall in Boston in the worst way now that he knows all the ins and outs of acoustics (would it be too much to call it a pilgrimage?)