Friday, October 14, 2016

Take 218

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
In the words of the football announcer this week, "It ain't pretty, but it looks good." :) I feel like this applies to more than just football... 
--- 2 ---
Virginia made Spiced Pumpkin Doughnuts this week! Whew. 
They were yummy!
--- 3 ---
I have a succulent problem. I keep buying more. (Note: I think this is because I keep killing them... but I'm still in the denial phase.) I give you, the newest crop:
--- 4 ---
I haven't done a lot of sewing in my lifetime... but I recently did this for a dress of mine. I'm so pleased with myself. Hah. After finishing this project, I think there are easier ways to get this done... but I was literally done with this project in 15 minutes... which is the difference between doing it and NOT.
--- 5 ---
Frugal runs deep in my veins. We moved and I started to think about whether or not there were new ways for me to become more frugal... I'd like to say that I found my limit. I'm running--nay, sprinting--away from Suave shampoo and conditioner and back home to my Tresemme... Because hair isn't supposed to look "stuck together".
--- 6 ---
I did a little research and discovered that there were 7 masseuse shops within 3 city blocks of my place of employment. I don't know whether that's dangerous or awesome. But I'll keep you posted.
--- 7 ---
At work, whenever we find a piece of entered data that is "off" by one digit or a letter that's near another letter on the keyboard, my coworkers say that they, "Fat fingered it". I had never heard this before and it cracks me up.

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