Friday, October 07, 2016

Take 217

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
In Boston, they have crosswalks in both directions "go green" at the same time. That means that if I need to cross both directions at an intersection, I can walk diagonally across the intersection. This is so divinely efficient! (And I'm guessing happens only at high pedestrian traffic times of day... but so. so. awesome.)
--- 2 ---
More on commuting... It's a serious disadvantage that my walk to the bus stop doesn't include being able to see the bus coming. I come to the bus stop down a side street and it would be ideal to be able to know when to start running. Alas, a few times I've just watched it drive by, totally unaware that I was in a time crunch. Bummer.
--- 3 ---
Ok, ok. One more. I'd like to give a shout out to the man who caught me by the wrist this week on the train. So grateful I didn't fall into the crowd during a violent jerk of the train this week. I also need to shout out to the man who coolly "surfed" and read his book in the center of the train--no holding on anywhere... and lived to tell the story. I'm convinced he grew up on the train. Seriously, that takes talent. (Those train drivers can certainly have a lead foot.)

(Can you tell that I spend a lot of brain energy trying to commute well?) 
--- 4 ---
Marmie and Pops bought George some awesome flip books while they were in Italy last month. One page is filled with race cars... and one Monster Truck. I said, "George! That's a Monster Truck! It crushes cars!" And he quickly (and with slow emphasis) responded, "Yeah... because it's so sad."
--- 5 ---
One thing we do a lot is walk with the kids. We walk to church, sometimes we walk to the store, we walk to the park, we walk our laundry to the laundry room, etc. You get the idea. George is often lollygagging. It finally occurred to me that I could teach George how to march. Well, you can now hear us coming, "The ants go marching one by one, HOORAH! HOORAH!" And George? He's skipping behind me--quickly! Divine.
--- 6 ---
George has always called baseball, "Baseball Cubbies". (Thanks, Marmie!) And this week, we shifted Jesus juuuuuust a little to make room for "Baseball Cubbies" on George's desk. Thanks, Marmie and Pops!
--- 7 ---
It's hard for me to grasp that summer is over... Our apartment is no longer baking, when dinner is over the world is dark and family walks aren't suggested... and those sprinklers? They don't turn on at the parks anymore... 
But, I'm eager to experience a New England autumn... And I'm praying that the drought doesn't hamper our colors in the least. 

Happy Friday!

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