Friday, September 30, 2016

Take 216

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I'm trying a new thing: taking a full hour lunch once a week in order to see my kids in the middle of the work week during the day. Last week, I took an uber there and back. It wasn't ideal in that I spent 40 minutes in an Uber and 15 minutes with my kiddos... But, I got to see them! And that was the goal. 
--- 2 ---
I couldn't help sharing with you that my Uber ride home was hilarious... This guy kept all four windows down while going 65 mph on the highway. (I consider this torture because I hate hair blowing in my face.) I kind of looked up toward the front seat thinking, "Really, dude?" Then I noticed his screen on the dash had his speed dial list up and his Pastor was number two. I enjoyed that moment.
--- 3 ---
George saw a buckeye on the ground this week and was really excited to throw that meatball.
--- 4 ---
Speaking of George... At our church, the children can come up during communion and receive a blessing. We've been teaching George to cross his arms over his chest so that the priest can know that he wants a blessing. He did a great job this week! He also proceeded to get back to our seat, turn to me confusedly and said, "What did he DO to me?!" I thought I was going to die of laughter.
--- 5 ---
There is nothing as spectacular as watching Rowan attempt to get all 5 raisins from her chubby little hand into her mouth. That girl's got talent. Sometimes I feel like cheering when she's successful.
--- 6 ---
At work, we have queues. All the different teams manage queues. We get our work from our queue. I just thought I'd mention that it took me 2 months, but I can now spell queue without spell checker. I'm pretty proud.
--- 7 ---
I can't for the life of me remember from my Psychology courses what the phenomena is called. But, every time I've moved to a new place, I've experienced "categorizing" all the new people I'm meeting (and frankly, strangers I see) as looking "Just like so-and-so!" Yesterday, I saw a man that looked just like James and a woman who looked just like Aunt Holly. I consider these "mistakes" of my mind to be sweet. I find myself thinking of people I love a lot... Because I see a lot of strangers every day! And I don't mind that.

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  1. Your Uber ride story was funny. You never can tell about people's inner lives but sometimes you get a glimpse. It would've been fun to ask him about it but I suppose you couldn't have heard each other over the roar of the wind or talked while getting your hair blown in your mouth!