Friday, September 16, 2016

Take 214

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
It took me seven whole weeks to add value to the company I now work for. (Except for making ice manually from 3 measly ice trays... That's been going on for a while--and is appreciated by many.) Glad to be slowly moving away from training videos.
--- 2 ---
I have been amused by the concept of what I've been calling "The Lazy Photographer". It relates to getting the perfect shot with a camera. It's true that the best shot of my toddler is never going to be taken while I'm in a comfortable position. Try laying down on the pavement, honey. Then you'll finally like your shot. I'm trying to learn to stop being so lazy. Hah. Everyday!
--- 3 ---
Thanks to be on the east coast (and an awesome book from Aunt Melanie on NYC), George officially knows the difference between a rocket and a rockette.  
--- 4 ---
We bought a microwave! We went almost 2 months without one... and that was plenty for me. Apparently, I'd rather risk the ill effects... Give me my heated leftovers (sans burned-to-the-bottom pans)! Oh, and I'm wearing and rice heater packs on my shoulders!

--- 5 ---
I've been reading the second book of the series of, "Call the Midwife". So far it's very different than the first book in the series! Here is a line that I loved:

"They were a bunch of feisty women who had seen it all, lived and loved and suffered throughout, and remained true to their vocation."

Someday, I hope someone will say that about me.  

--- 6 ---
I'm the baby of my family--by 7 years. That means that I spent a lot of time wanting to be just like my sisters. That also means that I spent a large chunk of the 90s listening to Enya. But, I was still 8 in 1993... which means that now when I hear Enya, I close my eyes and see Super Mario on my Super Nintendo... Because I always muted the music from Mario and blared Enya.
--- 7 ---
I'm contributing to the Perkins School for the Blind project: Bus Stop Challenge. Check it out! It's really cool. The first few paragraphs will give you a picture of why it needs to be done. I'm hoping it happens in lots of cities and towns--especially where my nephew Sean lives!

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