Friday, September 02, 2016

Take 212

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
I'm almost done! With a handful of photos to print, I will have completed both of my children's One Year Baby calendars. Want to know something funny? Some mother gave some feedback between 2014 and 2015. I can tell because I needed to painstakingly find a photo for each month of George's One Year Baby calendar that fit the size and shape of the book. Rowan's calendar is a whopping 6! Half the amount! I can almost hear the collective sigh from all the Mamas.
--- 2 ---
This week, with a tiny bit of prompting, George instructed Siri to FaceTime his Grandma--by using her full name. Siri obeyed and wow. I felt like that was "a moment". Hah.
--- 3 ---
Time is passing. You know how I can tell? I find the below music performed by me and a small choir in college to be... well... Not embarrassing. Generally speaking, I've never enjoyed listening to my own performances after the fact. But this week, this recording popped up in my "Shuffle All" mode and you know what? I enjoyed it.
--- 4 ---
Thank you to those who prayed! We made it one month without any medical claims! This means that we did NOT need to pay the exorbitant price for COBRA. Hooray for being covered by new insurance as of yesterday!
--- 5 ---
My parents had a message board. In the days of answering the phone at home, my Mama created an excel spreadsheet, printed it out and put it on a clipboard. That clipboard lived by the telephone. And if you didn't remember to write down the name of the caller, their message, the time and date of that message and the call back number... You weren't allowed to answer the phone anymore. Hah. Love you, Mama! I remembered that this week and it made me smile.

--- 6 ---
Our kids are growing in leaps and bounds. I feel like I don't give updates often enough on what they're doing and learning... So I wanted to tell you that Rowan has started to climb. Please excuse the messy floor and enjoy a view of Rowan that I've totally loved over the past week:
--- 7 ---
I bought new laundry baskets! When we moved we owned three broken laundry baskets. I bought brand new ones with wheels and a handle like luggage! Oh, you better believe I did a load of laundry the day it arrived. And rolling it down the sidewalk to the laundry room was divine.