Tuesday, September 27, 2016

It's the little things

I did monthly updates for both George and Rowan during their first year of life. That came out of a conversation I had with Brian about enjoying each season of life. Though I'm currently grateful that I don't have a timer going off each month to do an update, I do still love my children just as much and kind of want to update you on how awesome they are. Hah. Will you allow me?

Things I love about right now:
  • George and I often cook dinner together in the evenings for the next night. Tonight, he was putting all the chopped onion in the pot and then "snuck" a piece... We laughed together and he said he liked it. He also waited a minute or so and then said, "It's spicy!"
  • Rowan has the best open-mouthed smile for anyone coming in the door. Sure, she may scream for the next 45 minutes during dinner... but that first moment? Divine.
  • I created a game where George thinks up objects or animals that are "stuck in his mouth" and I help him brush them out. Dinosaurs, green bees, trucks... Occasionally we find Tia Mairin in there and have to get her out, too.
  • Tonight, as I was scolding George for playing with Rowan while they were both trying to go to bed, Rowan kept peeking over the crib to say to me, with a happy whisper, "Hi!"
  • This week, George learned how to sing a song and take a bow while everyone claps. This has been quite the treat for him.
  • Rowan likes to dance in the kitchen--especially with Papa. She also likes to wave around kitchen towels while she dances. She has yet to perform for me. Seriously. I haven't seen her do this.
  • George is soaking it all up. He loves his new alphabet puzzle, his toddler safe knives, his lefty scissors and Oh yes. Notre Dame football! Tonight we ate pie and watched the band play the fight song.
It's a pretty sweet life, yo.

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