Friday, August 19, 2016

Take 210

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
When my parents were here, we went to a restaurant. We did our usual of standing at the host's booth, waiting for a table, and then we were seated. We walked all the way to the back of the restaurant when I realized that somewhere in our 5 minute stay, Rowan had swiped a pen. hah! I sheepishly, and with a little chuckle, told the waiter that my daughter had swiped it... from somewhere.
--- 2 ---
We'd like to thank Gigi and Aunt Laurie for hosting us this past weekend. The temperatures are still flirting with the 90s and we wanted to take advantage of still owning our car... So we were happy to drive down and enjoy a weekend with family... in the AC. I had such a good time that I took zero photos. And when I say zero, I do not exaggerate!
--- 3 ---
We are really dealing with the last 10% of the job of moving... We have two kids' car seats in our living room corner and things here and there.... And much to my dismay and delight, we don't have space for our kitchen junk drawer... so it's in a box... in the corner of the kitchen. Maybe this weekend we'll get down to 5%?
--- 4 ---
79% of all rentals in Boston have a start date of early September. SEVENTY NINE! Everyone talks about it, too. And it's coming! Christmas in Allston is coming! (I'm so glad we're not moving on September 1st!) Also, someone should do the stats of pizza sales on September 1st in Boston.
--- 5 ---
Did you know the President has released (both this year and last) his reading list and music playlist for the summer? I think that's delightful.

--- 6 ---
The abbreviation for Trustee in the financial world is TTEE. I think that's the silliest abbreviation. It's barely abbreviated and it's in all caps, as IF if were an acronym... Which it's not.
--- 7 ---
I'm ridiculously behind on editing and keeping up with photos... But here's one to share from our walk to the footbridge over the Charles River near our home. It's such a lovely spot...


  1. Anne O8:22 AM

    I just love that picture, Mary. Everything about it, but especially his little hands resting on his chin. Makes me excited to have a little boy that age.

    1. This stage certainly has its highlights!!

  2. That abbreviation is ridiculous. If the shortened form has to be almost as long as the word itself, I don't think you need a shortened form! In my humble opinion.