Friday, August 12, 2016

Take 209

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Thanks, TWELVElittle. I complained (via Facebook messaging) and you responded. My new bag arrives today! (And now that I work full-time, Virginia will be the one who really profits!)
--- 2 ---
Speaking of full time work and less time with kiddos, I'm working hard to ignore all of my personal technology in the common spaces of my home, particular when the kids are awake. I have precious little time with them and I don't want to be scrolling through anything on my phone when we have time together. It's a good exercise! And I can still improve.
--- 3 ---
Hey, Dad! Do you remember giving this to me probably sometime prior to 2000
Still have it. Right on my desk at work. :) 
[I swear. I'm not a pack-rat... which is why this item is so noteworthy!] 
--- 4 ---
In Cambridge, if you have bike trouble, you can go to one of these free bike repair stations 
 And in Boston Common, if you're pale, you can get free sunscreen from a dispenser! Crazy.
--- 5 ---
We have a new sofa!!!! Seriously, I know this is a first world problem, but we went three months without a sofa. It feels like we were uncomfortable for the evening hours for three months... And the wait is over! Three cheers for Brian who researched and found a leather pull-out sofa (come visit!) for 1/2 off. Three cheers for Brian who was home when the sofa arrived and discovered that had said sofa been 1/2 an inch longer in any area... we would've been selling this beaut. Love you, babe.

--- 6 ---
I heard this week that the nicest thing you can say to someone is their name. I've been practicing it! Thanks for being here, blog reader! :)
--- 7 ---
It's a high of 96 today and right now it's 86% humidity. I will sheepishly walk to work and spend the day is 66 degree air conditioning and thankfully, Brian has declared that it's a take-everyone-out-in-the-car to some indoor play area today... that is also 66 degrees and air conditioned. So, today I leave you with a quote from Jane Austen, "What dreadful hot weather we have! It keeps me in a constant state of inelegance."

Come on, Autumn. Don't be shy.

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