Friday, August 05, 2016

Take 208

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
More observations from our new life... Running multiple loads of laundry at once is the bomb! (Walking them to another building? Meh. Not so much.)
--- 2 ---
"Something went seriously wrong with these two." said my husband. And boy, was he right. 
--- 3 ---
This article assumes that I'm curious when I pass by a building labeled with a carrot and windows that I can't peek into... and it's true. I was curious! And happy that they wrote an article on them.
--- 4 ---
The overall boss of the department that I work in wrote a quick document on things he wished he'd have known on his first day... The one that stuck with me? "Don't buy cheap shoes... They show." I'm forever wondering how my shoes are rating. :)
--- 5 ---
Did you know it's now Nasdaq and not NASDAQ? Yeah. Me, neither.
--- 6 ---
It's a sad thing to admit, but I failed. I did my research, I splurged, and I purchased an expensive-for-me diaper bag (I'm looking at you, TwelveLittle). And you know what? It didn't even last 6 months. (The zipper is broken, the pockets have holes so that I lose things into the lining of the bag, etc.)
 And you know what? I've complained to the company three times via email (because they don't have a phone number) and they've never responded. (And I can't even review it on their website, either.) It was a failure. And man. That stinks. 
--- 7 ---
Grandma and Grandpa are coming! Oh boy, we can't wait! Happy almost weekend to all of you!


  1. Definitely definitely put in a complaint with the Better Business Bureau! It's worked for me before to get unresponsive companies to make things right :)

  2. Thanks, Rosie! The new bag is in the mail! =D