Wednesday, August 17, 2016

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

I made it one year! This is my last season of practicing the capsule wardrobe concept. My takeaway: I love to love my wardrobe. This year gave me the guts to hold out for what I love and get rid of anything I didn't. What freedom! I also think I've spent less money and have had more (and better) clothes. Crazy, right?!

Summer Capsule Wardrobe

Cream lace pencil skirt
Coral Dress
Turquoise dress
Pink floral skirt
Coral pants
Jean pencil skirt
Blue jersey skirt 
Navy shirt
Purple silk tank
White linen tank
Purple & white lace tank
Navy dress pants
Purple tank top

[Lots of t-shirts and shorts for our un-air conditioned apartment.]

Things I've learned:
  • It's hard to do a capsule wardrobe photo shoot in a public bathroom without direct light.
  • "Summer" often equates to light, less-reliable items of clothing. I wish some of my shirts would last longer. 
  • Not having AC means needing a lot of at home clothing options. (Note: more laundry)
  • Still trying to learn to remove what I'm not using. My corduroy jacket and puff vest have been in my way all summer. (I'd remove them now, but feel like that would jinx the much yearned for shift in weather and temperature.)
  • I can't believe that I continue to get rid of clothing that I don't love and am getting better at knowing what I like. It's a year later, and I'm still able to continue purging and finding the perfect fit for me.
  • I'm SO glad I started this a year before moving! My wardrobe fits into my closet at our new apartment and I'm more confident in my clothing at a new full-time job in downtown Boston. That has created a lot of peace as we transition.
  • Next goal? SHOES. I need to pitch a fair amount of my sandals... Just more fun coming my way!

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