Friday, July 15, 2016

Take 205

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
On our drive through NJ on our way to NY, there was a sign that said:
The subtext might've well said, "Dear Midwesterner, Keep up, yo."
--- 2 ---
We arrived into Manhattan and we woke George up and he just kept saying loudly:
Umm, seriously, yo.
--- 3 ---
Believe it or not... we all got sick. Rowan got hit worst with a double ear infection. Which is crazy because we took George to NYC when he was 11 months old, too, and he also had a double ear infection. It's crazy how similar they look when they're sick:

 Let the record show: neither child contracted their illness in NY.

--- 4 ---
Whatever happened to bloopers and outtakes from movies? I think we should see more of them... but with the Amazon Prime direction of movies, I'm not sure we will... 
--- 5 ---
I have been thoroughly enjoying my time on Long Island. One of my favorite moments so far?  Grabbing "a slice" while we waited for Rowan's prescription to come through and having an older gentleman walk up, throw a dollar down on my table with umph, and saying, "Dis is fowa da baybee's education."
--- 6 ---
My niece, Virginia, arrived! (She's going to be caring for our kiddos this year.) Much to my delight, she said upon arrival, "People actually honk here! It's not just a thing in the movies!" Love it. :) So glad to have her here with us for her first time to New York!
--- 7 ---
Thanks for all your prayers! I got the job I was hoping for and start work on Thursday next week! The search was over just before vacation, allowing me a job-search-free couple of weeks! So grateful.

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