Friday, July 08, 2016

Take 204

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
Thanks to Liberty & 33rd in South Bend, we have new chairs! If you live in South Bend, go check them out! It was very fun to check it out. 
--- 2 ---
One of the worst sounds in the world is the sound of eggshell being dropped into your dough in the KitchenAid... While it's on. Crunch crunch crunch.
--- 3 ---
We made it on a 12 hour road trip with two kids! Turns out there's no badge for that. But, I'd like to head nod to this iPad holder... We didn't use it the whole time, but man... those couple of hours of quiet were divine... My pinterest ideas were not for naught. I think George had a pretty good day... despite the last hour of the trip. hah.
--- 4 ---
In Pennsylvania, we passed a sign that said, "Buckle up for the next million miles". So yes, we looked it up... that's over 40 times around the earth.
--- 5 ---
I'm currently on vacation. SO. For the last three takes... I give you... Photos :)
The extended C. family!
--- 6 ---
The photo of today... at Uncle Tom and Aunt Lois's lake house!
(George says, "Go fast!")
--- 7 ---
Photo of the day at 4th of July! Thanks for the bubbles, Grammy! That was a blast.