Tuesday, July 26, 2016

A reveal of our home

Just a few notes:

Yes. This is my blog. This is my space, and I assure you, I'm controlling this narrative. I do indeed have a kitchen wall lined with a millions things, a bed skirt stuffed behind my side table (waiting to be put on), shoes poking out from under my bed, completely unorganized bathroom supplies, and no, I won't show you the not-so-photogenic bathrooms... etc, etc, etc. And no, you can't see all that. :) 

But, I do want to give you a quick view of what life looks like now that we've arrived... 

I'm pretty amazed that most everything is in the kitchen.
Things like the crockpot, food processor, and ok ok--the ice cream maker
don't really have a home... But I think we can handle it.
 G and R are sharing a room for the first time (again) tonight.
Wish us luck.
This is on the wall across from their crib and toddler bed:
 This is our bedroom. I left the closet open so that you can join me
in appreciating that the shelving in this apartment is sized for those
tupperware storage containers. Love. That.
  Brian scored these awesome trunks on Craigslist and then researched
and found this beautiful rug (at 90% off)!
Sofa arrives in about a week or two and yes. We're praying it through the
two flights of stairwell and into our living room.
 The house is all white walls, except for the main hallway.
I love that red wall.
And our New Yorker faces our front door...
So when you come, you can be greeted by it (and us!).
Hope you're having a good week so far. This is my first full week of work and I'm getting into the groove of public transportation. So far, so good. Next week we layer on Brian starting school, so we'll keep on adjusting and figuring it out!

Happy Tuesday!


  1. "Pivot! Pivot! Pivot!!!"

  2. And I love the trunks. They are beautiful.

  3. yayyyyyy! It looks great! I am secretly jealous that you were able to downsize so perfectly! We miss you already! Every time we pass your house, a prayer is said for the success of the Couch Family!

    1. Thanks for your prayers- and believe me-our downsizing was NOT perfect (and there's more to do!) hah. Much love to you and yours!