Friday, June 24, 2016

Take 202

7 Quick Takes Friday 
--- 1 ---
When you give George a sandwich or a burrito he sits there and stares at it, eventually asking for help getting it off the plate and into his hands. I can't figure out if this is just his way of wanting perfection (ie- not wanting it to fall apart during his attempt to pick it up). It cracks me up every time. Why? Because he gets it from me.
--- 2 ---
Brian and I have always enjoyed our different pasta preferences. Put spaghetti in front of him and he cuts the whole plate of it. This has certainly come in handy in serving the toddlers. Give him a box to cook, and he snaps all of it in half. Put a plate of pasta in front of me and I go get myself a large spoon so that I can properly twirl my spaghetti. Well, you couldn't imagine my shock and horror when Brian, to his delight, discovered Pre-Cracked pasta. Pot-Ready! Unreal, people. Unreal.
--- 3 ---
I had my first motherhood x-ray trip last week... George did something funny to his ankle on the "jumpoline" and we ended up getting 5 x-rays in one day! We go for our follow-up today, but I'm thankful this wasn't our first go at a broken bone in our family-especially right before our move-out-East-adventures!
I was impressed by how cooperative he was! (I think we may be ready for one-on-one "dates" with Mama and Papa... because I think he definitely enjoyed the attention!)
--- 4 ---
Thanks to my sister-in-law, I had an awesome massage yesterday. I'll admit to being a little sore today and hoping for a little ice, ibuprofen and stretching. It's amazing to me how when I'm laying on a massage table, smelling essential oils, listening to new age music (when does new age music get renamed to old??), I find myself thinking all sorts of things:
I'm going to change my whole life.
I'm buying these oils for my bathroom.
I hate my smart phone. I'm going to give it a coffin for while I'm at home.
I need to stop worrying and creating knots in my back and trust Jesus more.
Jesus, I trust in you.
Can I come back every month?

Needless to say: It. was. awesome. Go to Selah Spa. Ask for Tina. You won't regret it!

Also, I enjoyed the fact that their bathroom sink was a similar sink, but not-as-awesome to the ones my husband made for our first home:
--- 5 ---
I told George this week that when we get to Harvard, he can ride a bus! This is possibly the best news he's received all summer. :) "And and and! Go to Harvard! And ride bus!" (Should I tell him we plan to sell the car? Meh.) 
--- 6 ---
Go check out the first natural public pool! Webber Natural Swimming Pool in Minneapolis. Crazy, no?
--- 7 ---
I left this one for last because I didn't want you to pick up and leave me prematurely... The final season of Downton Abbey is now on Amazon Prime. Go. G'ahead. If you're like me, you haven't seen it, so enjoy!


  1. Very cool pool! Pre-cracked pasta? That's all kind of lazy there, isn't it? (ha, ha!)