Friday, June 03, 2016

Take 199

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I make pizza for dinner fairly regularly. As I add the meal to that week's menu, I mentally tally what I need to buy from the ingredient list for pizza. I forget mozzarella almost every time. It's the on-going shopping joke. "I planned to make pizza. I would make pizza. But I have no cheese." In other news, I stink at spelling mozzarella.
--- 2 ---
Did you know you can set shortcuts on your iPhone? My initials, when typed into my iPhone, always auto complete to my email address. I'll tell you what--that little feature saves me so much time.
--- 3 ---
Smitten Kitchen hits it out of the park again! Go. Stop what you're doing and make these confetti cookies. (And yes, cookies with jimmies on them should make you suspicious. But yes, these are delicious!)
--- 4 ---
It's gin & tonic season, which means we pretty much stock tonic and lime. And you know what? It drives me crazy that when you open up a litre of tonic, it's almost almost never finished before some of it has gone flat. With each bottle, we store the end of it for a week and then pitch it. Drives me crazy that the cheapest option is the most wasteful. It's 8.32 cents per ounce for the individual bottles. It's 2.04 cents per ounce when you buy a litre. And waste many ounces each week. I should probably just let it go. But it's so hard.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of drinks, did you know that I hate drinking out of plastic cups? I always seek out glass when it's available. I drink out of a jar at work and everyone's always teasing me about my moonshine.

--- 6 ---
Next time I move, I will plan to pack my pyrex storage glass with their lids. Wow. That was frustrating.
--- 7 ---
As we prepare to move out East, I am even more keenly grateful for the ability to stay in touch with FaceTime. These kids know and love so many family members this way already, and we haven't even ventured out, yet! I'm sure it'll be a big blessing this year.

Happy Friday!


  1. Are you me? Because 1, 2, 5, 6, and 7, right down to the moving east. It makes me think I need to try a gin and tonic and confetti cookies. :D

    1. Yes! Have a g&t and cookies! :) Life will be awesome.

  2. I get kidded by my husband because I rarely drink out of a plastic cup at home. Glass all the way!

  3. It seems like you could combine 1 & 2 and type moz for that Italian cheese!

  4. I think I'm to blame for separating the lids. I thought you were unpacking the whole kitchen at the time. Sorry!

    1. Mama. The only thing you're to blame for is getting us moved. Thanks to you, we did it!! You're awesome.

    2. Oh, you’re sweet. I was so glad to be able to help and three months ago I couldn’t have. God is giving me my energy and strength back. Yahoo!