Thursday, June 09, 2016

Month Ten

Things I love about Rowan
in the season of month ten:

-Teeth! FIVE of them!
-You dance. It's the sweetest thing. You sit and rock in a circle like motion. I love it!
-You crawl!! It happened! You make it from room to room, disturbing George's independence and peace and are so happy to GO.
-Let it always be known: You knew how to play a kazoo before you knew how to drink out of a bottle.
-And YES, you finally drank out of a bottle. Just when I had given up all hope.
-Just because crawling wasn't enough, you also began pulling yourself up on furniture! 
You show off.
-Speaking of showing off... Yesterday, on your 10th month birthday, you WAVED (at George, of course--your favorite human being)...
You said "HI!"
-You're ridiculously awesome. And we love you.

Note: You are resilient. Thanks especially to your big brother, George. :)

[George: Month Ten]

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