Wednesday, June 22, 2016

Children's Songs

There is so much changing. Our lives are being unfolded in this temporary utopia of a life where we share space with our extended family in a small apartment before heading East. The yard is big, but the people love bigger. And that? That's what matters.

Before selling our home, we ceremoniously walked through each room as a family. I found myself overwhelmed, especially in rooms that were my favorite. It's hard to explain, but that kitchen is mine and I am that kitchen. Sound silly? Probably. But man, I feel it. May husband made it ours and our DNA is in the tile work and the smells of Easter cinnamon rolls, cumin, curry and the occasional pesto pizza... That's us.

As we shift and adjust, I may be verklempt, but with my children, I can sing. Photos of me in the moment of walking through our house would've been less than flattering. But this video? It captures us thanking the nursery that welcomed both of our children. There are a few unshared stills of us and my red nose... But I am eager to share us thanking the space we loved and lived in.

I'm so grateful.


  1. You are my mama hero for keeping it together in this video - what a sweet memory you'll all cherish forever!

  2. this was beautiful :) Thanks for sharing it with us.