Friday, June 10, 2016

200 - 7 Quick Takes!

7 Quick Takes Friday
Most importantly, you've gotten 1400 tidbits of things that matter to me. We're basically best friends! Today, I'll be showing you the highlights (most viewed) posts of my 7 Quick Takes... And then giving one of you a gift!
--- 1 ---
Seventh most viewed Quick Takes: Maybe my bug policy is riveting? I'll never know.
--- 2 ---
Sixth most viewed Quick Takes: I can only assume you're grateful to have found out about iPhone shortcuts so that you can stop manually typing your email address. Right?
--- 3 ---
Fifth most viewed Quick Takes: You either love birds or my apron. I'll assume it's the latter, because Melanie really is a fabulous gift-giver. 
--- 4 ---
Fourth most viewed Quick TakesHannah, welcome to the family! You're popular! :) 
--- 5 ---
Third most viewed Quick Takes: I think you must've enjoyed our first anniversary as much as we did! Or, you love kidsnippets, the way I do!

--- 6 ---
Second most viewed Quick Takes: George's birth was as exciting to you as it was to me! Hip, Hip! Hooray!! For G-man. [I feel a little bad that Rowan's birth didn't rank. You poor thing, it's because your short-sighted Mama announced your birth in a non-quick take! Your views are up there, sweet pea. I promise! We love you.]
--- 7 ---
Most viewed Quick TakesProbably popular because you love the photo of us dancing... or the beauty of Jule and Alex... :)

Congratulations, Christine! You won the Calphalon Wok!
Happy 200 Quick Takes to you!
Thanks to all those who follow the blog!

Happy Friday!


  1. One for me, too! :)

  2. I must admit that i was excited about what would happen for #200. PS I went an clicked on rowans link and then looked at the rest of the month because it's friday at work... and the sonogram was never updated. Poor rowan. Lol. JK.

    1. PPS Please enter me for the wok!

  3. Read this every week. Say hi to Brian for me!

  4. Love love your blog!

  5. I've been silently lurking for a little while, but I wanted to say congrats on your big decision to move to Boston! I hope your transition goes smoothly!

  6. Woohooo for 200! :)

  7. Woohooo for 200! :)

  8. Congratulations on 200 quick takes! I have no idea how many I've written since I started blogging (I suppose I could figure it out if I took the time and was any good at math,) but I've never missed a week and it's my favorite writing project. Look forward to it every week.

  9. You are so fun, Mary!!

  10. You are so fun, Mary!!

  11. Would love to win!
    Good luck on your new home!