Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Your New Home

Dear New Home Owners,  

Welcome! This home is just wonderful. It was first owned by two sisters who both taught at McKinley Elementary School in the 1940s. When they were getting a bit older and decided they needed a house without stairs, they built 301 N. Esther Street, which is just around the corner (and very cute!). I know of one family after that who owned it and a single woman just before us. The family that was here put a lot of hard work into the beauty that is the yard. There are perennials galore of peonies, dwarf irises, roses, azaleas, allium, etc, etc, etc. These flowers will keep your vases full from early spring through the summer. It's such a gift. We closed on this house two days before our wedding. And yes, that was as exciting as it sounds!

We've now been here for four years and three month. And yes, I do feel like a bit of an expert. You can thank my fabulous husband for your new bathrooms, one-of-a-kind concrete cast sinks and the custom built counter tops in the kitchen. So, without further ado, I give you my tips for your new home: 
  • Love your fridge. Yes, it will die on you some day, but that beautiful beast can fit all sorts of large platters. It's a party dream.
  • That grill out back? It's the best. It's indirect heat and works like an oven. Some of our best pizza has come from that beautiful grill and a pizza stone. Try it. You'll never regret it. 
  • If your babies are sleeping, walk up the stairs on the right side... all the way, baby. Hug that wall and your babies will stay asleep.
  • Barkeeper's Friend powder will keep the sink upstairs clean and the tub hardware shining bright. 
  • When you take the trash out to the back, walk around the light post. If you walk between the light post and the bush, you will most certainly eat spider web. Every. Time. 
  • If you ever figure out how to arrange furniture in the living room in more than one way... please send photos. After several Saturdays of trying different configurations... We've always only had our furniture in two arrangements: with a Christmas tree and without.
  • Those chipmunks will be all up in your garden... even with proper fencing. Good luck in the battle.
  • And yes, your garden has lettuce and kale... Because I couldn't help myself.
This home is really bright. The sunshine pours into the living room in the late afternoon, making it the best spot in town. I wish you many happy memories here, just like we had... Cheers to drinks on the patio, quiet, dark evenings in front of the fireplace and much much more...


  1. Our friends bought the house and love it! We live down the street and they were over for dinner tonight- we were all talking about this letter!

    1. Wild! So glad you're able to welcome them to the neighborhood!