Tuesday, May 24, 2016

Travel Stories

Back in the cold month of February, we dropped George off for a week of absolute joy at his cousins' home (hello they have 4 awesome kids... AND a dog) and I pretended that he might have a hard time while it was really me who had the hard time... Ok. It was only hard on the first day and last day. The middle? I was juuust fine. 

We flew to New York, spent 36 hours there visiting Columbia, flew to Boston, spent 36 hours there visiting Harvard and then drug our tired selves back to another flight to bring ourselves home. It was a whirlwind week where we imagined what it would be like to be a family of four on the East Coast and uproot ourselves. Honestly, it was hard to imagine us deciding for either option and the reality of all of it felt barely touchable, and now that we're packing up, it feels very close.

BUT! We had such fun adventures and I couldn't help sharing some highlights with you...

So, without further ado... Highlights of our grad school visits:
  • Jet Blue: Your complementary snacks make me a happy customer. Really. Those other airlines who nickel and dime you to death? It makes me cranky. Happy airline customers:
  • Our flight to get to NY went through Boston... But we got stuck. SO... we got a hotel and we ate fantastic pizza. And we were feeling so proud of ourselves for being awesome. And then we laid the baby down. (More awesome because she went down peacefully.) Then we felt more awesome and started watching Good Will Hunting--because Boston. And then? The emergency fire alarm went off yelling at us, "IF THIS ALARM DOES NOT STOP, EVACUATE THE FLOOR IMMEDIATELY."
This is me. Holding my baby with fireman in our hotel. And yes, our alarm to catch our rescheduled flight for the next morning was going to go off at Three Thirty A.M.
  • We landed in New York and I was so happy to be back in the land where you eat at a "Joint". I mean really. You walk into this tiny convenience store and Lo! Behold! Boar's head deli meat is the only kind of meat you can get. High class meat... in a place where you can't hardly see the guy behind the sandwich counter. After a day of travel, this sandwich was unbelievably good.
  • We're walking around my favorite city in all the world and Time Square greets us like an old friend. BUT THEN, John M. (Brian's cousin) actually greets us like an old friend (because he is!) and we stopped in our tracks and had to laugh as we heard Brian's name being shouted through Times Square.
  • In New York, we also got to recreate photos... That was fun!
George, December, 2014 (11 mo) and Rowan, February 2016 (6 mo)

  • There were other hilarious highlights, like the lady on her cell phone in a plane in New Jersey, complaining that her assistant bought her tickets out of New Jersey, declaring loudly, "Everything in New Jersey is disgusting!" (Ridiculous, lady.) 
  • Or, like the unbelievably warm 45 degree weather... Getting to our apartment in East Harlem where the heat in the building was boiler based... and not changeable. Dude. So. Hot. Literally.
  • There were nice highlights, like always boarding first thanks to Rowan, our travel princess:
  • Or eating at Loyal Nine for our 4th Anniversary in Cambridge... Where Brian declared, "You just totally can't eat a bowl of raw fish in South Bend. I wouldn't feel safe doing it"  

  • But the one story... The icing on the cake... Was a 4 year old girl from New York City. Sitting on the bus like she does every day for her routine, chatting with a 4 year old boy sitting next to her... She said, with much emotion, "WELL! There's my one grandma- who I love. And my other grandma-  who's from Jersey."
Poor New Jersey. For the record, I love New Jersey and my people who are there! 
So glad we got to take a trip and so glad we're done figuring and discerning and get to begin our adventures in Boston soon!


  1. ...still, New York Firemen. Heroes, every one. ;) I'm almost sorry you're not going to Columbia. Are you a little disappointed?

    1. We wouldn't complain if we got to do a stint in NYC someday... I've dreamed of living there since I was a little girl! We'll see!

  2. That photo of Rowan the Travel Princess is everything

    1. Agreed. You're so kind to agree with her totally biased Mama!