Friday, May 27, 2016

Take 198

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Found in the bathroom at a local establishment:
So, are they being polite, or just suggesting the possibility of it? Not really sure. "Puh-lease."
--- 2 ---
News: MacGyver is being remade. Umm, need I say more? I think not.

--- 3 ---
Do your kids do this? George removes my "hold the book open" thumb while I'm reading because it's "in his way." I don't know what to do to convince him that that thumb is critical in the book reading process. This means I'm working extra hard to make sure my thumb isn't covering any important drawings. [I need an emoji here. Or 10.] #redheadedchildren
--- 4 ---
Thanks to sharing my post last week about wanting a history of library books I've read, I learned from my Dad that my Grandpa Bud used to lightly initial books he'd read at his library so he wouldn't check them out twice. These stores. I want them all written down. I want my children to know them. I love that man. The man with the best homegrown strawberries and love for baseball.
--- 5 ---
I began journaling probably immediately after I began learning how to write. I've journaled almost daily since. I'm 31. This is the only problem with that:

(Think 900 sq. ft. apartment.) 

--- 6 ---
Can you believe that someone stole our recycling bin?? Yes. Two weeks before our move. And get this. They'll replace it for free. IF you create a police report. But the police department? They spend 20 minutes creating a report. And then, if they recover a stolen bin? The recycling department won't take it back. So, they spend money creating reports and recovering bins with absolutely no reward from the recycling company. And the customer, if they don't go through the police report procedure, will pay $96. Now that is a crazy system. 
--- 7 ---
We had the pleasure of attending a wedding this past weekend. Isn't the father-daughter dance just the best? 
Love these people.

Happy Friday!
PS- this is Brian's last Friday as a Trinity teacher!
Wow. So many things to be grateful for and to look forward to.


  1. Mary, my sister lives on Copley Square in BOS. Next time I visit I'll let you know! Eileen

  2. If I had a nickle for every time I scoffed at a public sign with incorrectly used quotation marks or apostrophes...

  3. Hello! I listen to a podcast "adults read things they wrote as kids" and all your journals reminded me of it. I wish I had more journals of stuff I wrote as a kid.

    I have to admit I always conveniently have to go to the bathroom during the Father-Daughter Dance. I just can't emotionally handle it as my Father passed away when I was 8. :/ I've tried to sit through it and I end up breaking down in tears. Weddings are so beautiful though :)

    1. Oh Beth Anne! I do not blame you at all for ducking out... I can imagine it would be very painful. Fatherhood certainly is a gift worth treasuring!!

    2. It is! I always get so sad when I hear about strained relationships as I wish I had one at all. I am better about it now but I still struggle sometimes.