Friday, May 20, 2016

Take 197

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I was challenged by my sister this week to think about photos that use a lot of negative space... So I tried that this week and had trouble even thinking of ideas! But, I was pleased with this moody shot of the view out our bedroom window one evening.
 --- 2 ---
Speaking of my camera, I'm still very much in love with my Canon 70D. Wow. It's so fun!
--- 3 ---
In other news, I'm a saver. When I have candy, I make sure to space it out. When I have $20, I spent it $4 at a time. But this time, I lost. I drove around for roughly a month in a half, waiting for the perfect day to splurge and get my free burrito from Chipotle (which I love)... Until one day, it was expired. And dang. I was mad.
--- 4 ---
I cannot believe that in my library online account I cannot see a history of my checkouts. This is maddening. Doesn't everyone want to see this?!
--- 5 ---
I am still working on packing, moving, organizing, purging, etc etc etc. So, between that and getting to work on time, George has been enjoying Curious George. Did you know that they have a movie about spring? Did you know this particular story features Nunley, the dog, in a major way? Well. Click here if you dare. Yes, that's the featured song, "We are the wiener dogs!" Wow.

--- 6 ---
Yesterday I went to a park with George. There were two ambulances in the parking lot on what appeared to be a lunch break. Seemed all too normal to me, until we were driving out of the parking lot, and I looked into the back of the truck into the open door... and saw the driver laying and sleeping on the stretcher... Hah! That was a new one on me.
--- 7 ---
Home news: our bedroom furniture is sold and gone. We have our mattresses on their frame with one side table and a packed tupperware for another side table. Our clothes are in luggage. And this weekend, our dining table set, sofas and second crib will all go... I was tempted to post photos, but I don't want the last photos of our home to be messy-we're-packing-and-don't-own-anymore-furniture photos... So... keep us in your prayers! We're quickly approaching the end of school (lots of work!) and our big move (lots of work!). We're planning to kill it.

Happy Friday!

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