Friday, May 13, 2016

Take 196

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I have a list of very random things for you this week. First off? I hate to hear things of a certain nature from my toddler's mouth when he's downstairs and I'm upstairs... There are classics like, "Uh oh!", but even "Check it out!" makes me nervous. "Pen!" is another that strikes fear into my heart.
 --- 2 ---
I didn't really know what a realtor's job was before selling my first house and I was shocked and delighted to discover that any and all contracting work gets coordinated by my realtor and paid through the closing process. Super. Awesome.
--- 3 ---
I have had my iPhone for 6 months, and the verdict is in: it's too big. I have an iPhone 6S and I am tired of not being able to reach just across the keyboard to the other side to hit letters like Q or P. I almost always "type" with one thumb (or dictate) and I'm simply not satisfied, especially because I'm often nursing a baby while trying to use my phone. I'm glad they went smaller with the next version.
--- 4 ---
We own a Mazda5. It's fabulous. We love being able to fit 6 people in it (tightly), or construction equipment in the back. Gas mileage is divine and we've been very happy with it. But I finally got around to talking with Brian about the "broken" heater when he informed me that the car is not designed to feed heat to the back seat... It can only have the "fan" on. Crazy.
--- 5 ---
Speaking of heat, I'd like to declare the I experience spring often as the coldest season. This is because I stick my heels (sometimes literally) into the ground and refuse to dress for the actual weather. I dress for the spring I want, not the spring I have. And then I end up being cold during the warmest months a we've had in months. Exhibit A: (Rain, no sun and a whopping 50 degrees. I'm rocking sandals and a skirt. And I'm freezing.)

--- 6 ---
Another product review (in the negative, but don't worry, I'm not being paid for anything): Pyrex Lids. I've had these pyrex containers for 4 years and almost all the lids are split down the side, making the seal not work properly. It's driving me batty. And yes, I'll end up purchasing new sets of lids... But I do wish the lids would've lasted 10-20 years like all my Mama's tupperware lids.
--- 7 ---
Thanks to my Mama who sent along Brad Paisley's awesome song about being "You Oughta Be Ashamed" [of your selfie]. Go enjoy a listen. (Click on "You oughta be ashamed" on the right side menu and then fast forward to minute 1:55.) (Sing it with me... "The Internet is forever!")

Happy Friday!


  1. Not really a phrase from my toddler's mouth, but hearing the entire bin of Legos getting dumped out strikes a particular sort of dread into my heart.

    1. Oh man! Seriously! That's a new noise in my life... and it's awful!