Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Moving all that stuff

We're going to Harvard. That means we've sold our home and more importantly, we've been shedding stuff and things. We've cut our square footage in half with this decision... and Wow. The yard sale itself was... impressive.

Everything except the biggest piece of artwork in that picture is gone. Sold or donated. Out of this house.

Prior to our yard sale, Brian sifted through the garage... It's amazing how you need roughly 0% of what's in your garage when you're headed to apartment life with no car. We've also discovered that Brian feels about his garage stuff similarly to how I feel about my kitchen stuff... In love.

Food Processor? Totally necessary. Kitchen Aid? How could I fathom life without it? I guess our love for our kitchen/garage reflect the amount of time we like to spend in those respective places...

Among the things we've shed is my wedding dress. I spent $250 on this dress that had already blessed one other bride on her wedding day before I owned it.
I'll be the first to admit that holding up an object and thanking it for the joy it gave you before letting it go seems entirely hokey and unnecessary. I'm a minimalist and if I'm not using it, I want to pass it on. But, like all people who are illogical about some things... I've held on to my dress. It's been uncleaned and unpreserved, and in my basement. Because. It was my life moment. That moment where the rest of my life started. And... I just couldn't.

But then change. And downsizing. And Mary, let it go and let it give joy to someone else!

So, we sat there in the basement, taking it out of its massive box one more time, and I literally wanted to thank it. Thank it for being the inexpensive (though it felt so expensive at the time!) and beautiful dress that I felt beautiful in on the biggest day of my life, dragging it around with such joy as I danced circles around the dance floor all evening. And no, it didn't feel hokey. It felt right. Brian and I relived the moments of our wedding, boxed it up and sent it out to bless another bride. If you have a dress to give away, consider sending it to the awesome place I sent mine! The Brides Project.
And I felt one more act closer to the transition that is so big and so coming. Harvard.

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