Friday, April 22, 2016

Take 193

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Sad news: my Canon DSLR is broken. It's been broken since late February... And the word broken is in bold because that's basically how I feel about it. Sad. Sad. Sad. I'm trying to be just a diligent with Rowan as I was with George when it comes to weekly photos... but this hiccup has really taken a toll on documenting our sweet Rowan. Sorry, second child of mine. I promise I love you just as much!! And no. weekly iPhone photos are not as beautiful, though I still think you're tres cute!
 --- 2 ---
I learned from my Dad this past week that cardinals (the bird that always reminds me of HIS Dad) like to eat off the ground. It's true, we have this fantastic bird feeder, but the cardinals always hang out underneath it. Very rarely does one land on the feeder for breakfast!
--- 3 ---
I will never understand why anyone closes a condiment or salad dressing in a buffet line. Everyone behind you will simply have to put their plate... somewhere?! And open it back up.
--- 4 ---
My Aunt Dolly turned 90 this week! Boy, do I love that lady! Here she is at our wedding, dancing with her sister, my Grandma Ginger:
If only I grow up to be like them... I'll be one lucky lady! In celebration, a bunch of my family enjoyed a Yankees baseball game in New York. What a fabulous treat!
--- 5 ---
I have started to really enjoy how George is communicating stories, talking through events, and also randomly thinking of things. This week, while driving home, he said, "Nice driving!" out of the blue. I almost busted a gut! Thanks, buddy! Then, a little while later, he said what he often says while we're riding in a car, "Ride bike... Someday!" He says this when he sees adults riding on big-kid bikes. And then after a brief pause (of imagining himself on a bike), he always says, "Awesome..." 

--- 6 ---
I don't know what I'm doing wrong, but I get more than a few emails from people regarding Craigslist posting asking, "Is this still available??" And, "Where are you??" Both are answered by just visiting the page, right?! It's posted (ie- still available) and there's a map on the side bar, right? I feel like I'm going crazy. (Need a high chair? I got one to give.)
--- 7 ---
We're selling our home. We're moving. I'm tired. And cry a little at random moments (good tears!). And I just simply don't really have a 7th take because... exhaustion. So, I give you a beautiful tree in my in-laws' beautiful yard (with their camera):

Happy Friday!

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  1. The craigslist thing kind of made me laugh because, thoes are the two questions I always ask first thing... oops! I hope it all gets sorted out and BOOOO i hope your camera can be fixed!!