Friday, April 15, 2016

Take 192

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
So, now you know. We're going to grad school! And yes, there's a lot swimming in my brain. We're downsizing our home, I need to look for a new job, we need to prepare to sell our home, and much, much more. But, we're going! And we're excited. And what an adventure it will be! Oh, and I totally have a label that says "Harvard Grad School" for my blog. How awesome is my Brian?! Totally.
 --- 2 ---
I want to tell you all about our trip this winter to visit both Columbia (NYC) and Harvard--two adults and one Rowan took the skies and two cities in 5 days! (And I left George at home and didn't die of sadness! Motherhood win.) But, I'll leave that fantastic adventure for a whole post of its own. But, I'll tease you with this:
Yes, that was in NYC. NYC, I hope to come for you someday... But until then, I'll just keep coveting your pizza from other locations... like Cambridge.

Side note: I ate fantastic pizza in Boston, too... Santarpio's. 
--- 3 ---
Random fact of Cambridge: it's the home of Curious George (or Monkey George as my George calls him). I think it'll be very exciting for George to go live in the home of his favorite Monkey George. And, in the process of moving our family, he might find that episodes of Monkey George might become a bit more... frequent and familiar. :) Props to any family who has moved and/or shown a house for any length of time. I'm exhausted and George randomly asks for TV... because he knows it's likely I'll say yes.
--- 4 ---
Both George and Rowan have discovered that they appreciate mostly empty wood floor rooms that echo. Lots of noisy diaper changes in George's "new room".
--- 5 ---
I would also like to take a moment and honor my husband's men's group. This group of men who gets together every week came to my house this week and scrubbed our stove grates, wiped down all our cabinets, vacuumed all of our floors, vacuumed the walls to the basement, and my brother-in-law joined them and cleaned my bathrooms. Both of them. Gentleman, you prepared our home to be photographed to sell and I'm forever grateful. Our entire family has been sick for a week and your help was so very much appreciated.
Thanks to them, my kitchen looks like this!
And thanks to my awesome husband, the floor looks like that! He refinished those floors himself, baby.

--- 6 ---
These guys also facilitated the removal of the no longer working deep freezer from our basement. They hauled it up the stairs, out the front door and then hesitated a little at the sight of it in our front yard... Since we had no plan for how to remove it from the yard.
FOUR MINUTES later a loud banging on the front door... And two guys in an old pick-up truck trailing an old beat-up car on a trailer behind it... asked to take it. Gone. Four Minutes.
--- 7 ---
Tell me you saw the article on the octopus who escaped the zoo and returned to the ocean. No? Go read it. All of it. It's really worth your time. 

Happy Friday!


  1. I do NOT want to call you a liar, but....
    Scrubbing bathrooms, cabinets and vacuuming walls? I'm pretty sure a group of men would NOT know how to do those things!

    Wow - You are lucky to know such amazing specimens of that gender...

    1. So sorry that's your experience of men! I know many men not only capable, but willing to pitch in and make it happen. It's a blessing!