Sunday, April 17, 2016

Month Eight

Things I love about Rowan
in the season of month eight:

-Teeth? Who needs 'em?! 8 months and Mama is starting to wonder if God gave her any.
-Rolling over and moving are definitely appealing to you, now! You roll over regularly and with he right motivation you seem to be gearing up to get mobile!
-If George looks your way, you are so very excited! You're also learning to be a bruiser, because George doesn't always just look... "Push over!" He says. 
-Your chatter is getting to be almost word-like! It seems to me that you're almost trying to imitate sounds that we're making. It's so exciting!
-The only food you really like so far is potato mixed with Mama's milk. Other than that? No, thanks.
-Mama totally forgot about the obsession with dirt phase. You love to find small pieces of anything and try to get it in your mouth!

[George: Month Eight]

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