Friday, March 11, 2016

Take 188

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Hide and seek is a new thing up in our house... And sometimes it's quite laughable. 
 --- 2 ---
We got a little energetic this week... and Grandma Mary Seale's rosary ended up... in the light fixture. I explained to a sad George that I was too short to fix it. 
He was ecstatic when Papa fixed it... "PAPA FIX JESUS!" 
Umm, kind of, George. Kind of. :)
--- 3 ---
I have always sheepishly admitted that I hate reading the news. Mostly because I'm always extremely uninformed. I go to social events and come home with lots of questions because I've nodded yes to all sorts of things for which I need more information. A couple of years ago when I began driving to work, I would listen to NPR and I slowly started hearing more news. But, I still felt lost. Well, I would like to happily share that I now read the New York Times Daily Digest every week day. I'm actually quite pleased about it. I can click through and read something that sparks my interest, or just read headlines to see what's up in the world. It's a big accomplishment for me. (And yes, I do know something about all the people who hope to run for president. Shocking.)
--- 4 ---
Bonnie came over this week! What a treat! George practically died and went to heaven. Lots of playing!
--- 5 ---
Apparently, it's mostly about George this week. I could not fathom taking a photo, but I do want to say that this past week George fell off the (closed) toilet seat and directly into the trash. Butt first, legs out. Totally incapable of getting out. It was a bit of a surreal moment. And yes, I did laugh. And yes, he was fine. :)

--- 6 ---
I have never memorized the telephony alphabet. This leaves me searching my brain for random words when spelling things over the phone... "Mary. M as in... Mary. A as in... Apple. R as in... Ridiculous. I feel ridiculous! Why don't I know the standard telephony alphabet?!" 
--- 7 ---
I got a really pretty orchid from Brian! They're like the hardest plant ever to keep alive. This is clearly false advertising:
"Orchids are easy"

Happy Friday!


  1. Like most things that are easy, eventually you find out that they are really just high maintenance, demanding HO[rticultural speci]ES that you can't wait to get rid of! >:( LOL :D :D

    Love George! He's adorable. <3

  2. LOL Mary - with your Dad having his pilot's license, it's the NATO alphabet you need:

    1. Hah! Anything is better than nothing!!