Friday, March 04, 2016

Take 187

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
It's not always for fun reasons that we get to see each other, but I'm so grateful for family and being able to support each other. Loving these people right here and praying for our children to grow up and love each other, too.
 --- 2 ---
I firmly believe that baggers at grocery stores need training on correct bagging techniques for paper bags. I may be one in twenty customers who always wants paper... but it's amazing how many times I get baggers who attempt to put all my groceries into a. bag.
--- 3 ---
It all started when... well, honestly, I don't know how it started. One day I was driving around town with my children and we were passing a church and George yelled on the top of his lungs, "Hi, Jesus!!" (He then always says, "More Jesus?" which mean, "Will we pass another church, Mama?")

When we went to church this weekend, he got out of the car and yelled it again, "Hi, Jesus!!" and then as we went home, "Goodbye, Jesus!!" 
Gosh, I love that boy. 
--- 4 ---
It took me 52 days... But I finished! 30 Days of Yoga with Adriene. I recommend it!
--- 5 ---
This video is too cute not to share. I just want to watch it all day... but alas, it's only 26 seconds.

--- 6 ---
Speaking of cute kids, I've been seeing new phases and new moments with George recently. It's like growing up is happening right in front of my eyes some days. This week, I napped while they napped, and when he woke, he crawled into bed with me and we... chilled. We enjoyed hanging out with each other and watched iPhone videos of him and Rowan and it was, for lack of better words, a very precious moment.
--- 7 ---
My boss went to Mexico and brought me back some vanilla!!! Happy Dance.

Happy Friday!


  1. So many cuties! As for bagging, we have a bag ban in Austin, so our grocery store baggers have had to learn to work with whatever you bring in. That can't be fun for them!

    1. Austin! What a city! That's amazing. Thanks for stopping by, Lindsay!

  2. I love your kids and your stories, photos, and videos of them! I also love your exercise recommendations - thank you!