Tuesday, March 01, 2016

a recipe, a song, a photo, a quote

Tonight I'm linking up with fabulous Anna, who I met a blogging conference... Wow! That was almost a whole year ago. I am grateful I went, because I have enjoyed blogging this past year more than ever, and part of it has to do with trying to post twice a week... So, here I am, at my always hoped for Tuesday evening post: a recipe, a song, a photo, a quote!

Recipe: This weekend I made Smitten Kitchen's browniest cookies. I'll admit it... They were not my absolute favorite, but heck, it's Lent. I'm not eating sweets during the week, so Saturday night when we celebrate the opening of Lord's Day, everything is delicious.

Song: (Click over to Anna, her song is better.) Up in my house? We've been listening to the Big Block Singsong album, especially "Eat" towards the end of every breakfast. What can I say? Kids.
In other news, I don't love the actual video part of that...

Photo: I'm a firm believer in outtakes:
This was, in addition to being an outtake, a first take. Running through snow with the self-timer and two babies to hold was indeed an adventure... and may be the last time I go for that method of our annual anniversary photo. :) However, this photo does crack me up.

Quote: I was thinking this week about my favorite line from You Can't Take It With You: "Life is running around inside of me like a squirrel!" I think that life with a two year old is a lot like that.

Thanks for the fun idea, Anna! Happy Tuesday, folks!

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  1. I hear you on the cookies. I *want* to like chocolate cookies (because I love chocolate and I love cookies) but whenever they're combined both seem to loose out. I'm always disappointed. But while I was at the site where you found those cookies, I found a carrot cake with maple cream cheese frosting that looks lovely! Thank you for re-introducing me to Smitten Kitchen :)