Friday, February 26, 2016

Take 186

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Did you know I'm getting a new sister-in-law!!?!? Hip! Hip! Hooray!!! Sean and Hannah (Bottom, Left) are engaged! Welcome, Hannah!
 --- 2 ---
Brian and George enjoyed the very heavy, wet snow we got this week! Three cheers for energetic Papas!
--- 3 ---
I have learned since my haircut that flat irons are simply hotter than curling irons. It shaves several minutes off doing my hair simply because I bought a flat iron.
--- 4 ---
I really dislike the fact that almost all nursing clothes are also maternity clothes. My baby is not done nursing, and probably won't be until 11 months old. I am definitely no longer sized like a pregnant woman, nor do I need extra long fabric on the front side of my outfit. Hopefully someone will start a clothing line for that, or, if they have, please let me know.
--- 5 ---
My sister Melanie gave me a clutch for my birthday. When I get to do fun things like go out for a drink with a friend or on a date with my husband, I can grab my credit card, ID, phone and keys and go out. NO diaper bag! No diapers! No toys! No nuks! Just freedom! Just femininity!

--- 6 ---
I firmly believe that all tags in all clothing should be a separate seam. None of this sneaking a tag in with the only stitch of the clothing. When the tag is itchy, I want to be able to remove it without having to resew the clothes!
--- 7 ---
Speaking of clothing, etc: I have realized that some earrings I wear are... invisible. Depending on length of hair, some earring just "melt" into the color of my hair and disappear. Maybe blondes don't have this problem as much? I'm thinking of ditching a bunch of earrings because if my hair is down, I might as well not even wear them! (Even though the colors match perfectly with my coloring.)

Happy Friday!

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  1. I share the pet peeve about nursing tops. It's great in the beginning, but so unnecessary later on, and just annoying. I usually just stick with a nursing tank top and a regular shirt on over it, but that gets hot.