Friday, February 12, 2016

Take 184

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I'm trying to get through the three physical (non-kindle) books that have been on my dresser for months. One of those books is about Montessori learning at home from birth to age 3. So, I got brave and tried this with George:
 --- 2 ---
If I could have any job on the weekends, I still argue that I'd love to go back and be a barista. I did love the fast pace and got very good at the cappuccino weight. BUT! A close second would be belting it out with major singing stars just like carpool karaoke: 
--- 3 ---
A couple of food notes this week... First, the egg. I have learned that when an egg  doesn't have the ring of egg white (see one of the eggs below) that it is less fresh. Crazy.
--- 4 ---
We had an opportunity to eat Burger King this month. Their fry recipe has changed... very much for the worst. Those small, crunchy fries of my yester-year are gone. I don't like today's BK fries. (First World Problem to the max.)
--- 5 ---
About 5 times per year I stand in my kitchen thinking, "Why don't I own a fine mesh strainer?!" And then I remember I own a flour sifter and all is well.
--- 6 ---
Thank you to sweet Andrea for these flowers!
People. If you buy flowers for friends in winter, I highly recommend buying a bouquet like these... they're DRY. They're the gift of color that keeps on giving. They're around 2 weeks after my birthday and they are going nowhere fast... It's so awesome.
--- 7 ---
Happy first Friday in Lent! I'm excited to throw together my Design Mom's clam chowder and NYT's simple crusty bread today!

Happy Friday!


  1. Anonymous1:43 PM

    I'd be interested to hear more about what you think of Montessori. We've done little things here and there just to curb the cabin-fever of winter, but what I've heard gives me the feeling it wouldn't suit my personality. My kids have liked some of the little activities, so I'm interested to learn a little more.

    1. Hi! I know *nothing* (or close to it!) about Montessori. I am game to learn more, and hope to over the next few years at least. I like what I've seen especially in the younger years. (And I hear you on the cabin fever! This type A Mama needs it as motivation to let go and let my toddler play with water!) :)

  2. #3 ; once we got chickens I really understood the difference between fresh and old eggs among other things. Now that it's winter and our hens are laying less, it's physically painful for me to buy store eggs, even the more humane varieties. It's not the same. The only good thing about store eggs is they're much easier to peel when hard boiled. Aaaaaand that's more than you ever wanted to know. Thanks for linking up as usual!

    1. YES! Oh the eggs. We went to farm fresh eggs two years ago... it's painful to buy grocery store eggs for us, too :) Thanks for stopping by - and thanks for hosting!

  3. Montessori learning is the bombb!!