Friday, February 05, 2016

Take 183

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I'm 31! And my husband bought me new Corelle dishes! HIP HIP! HOORAY! (Note: our dishes were so chipped that microwaving them made the plates overheat and left the food cold so that you burned your hands on the dish and didn't enjoy the food. So glad to move on from them.) In other news, the dishes take up so much less space in my cabinets that I've moved a bunch of shelves so that I can reach everything better. Win Win.
 --- 2 ---
For my birthday, Brian and I went to Bonefish Grill and enjoyed a long, peaceful meal together. No children. No dishes. And cocktails. And even a quick game of speed scrabble over dessert--which was enjoyed over fresh donuts with fresh whipped cream. And at Bonefish Grill, when you celebrate something with them, the manager comes over and wishes you well, and then hands you a box of chocolates. So awesome.
And, the chocolates were large discs... They were beautiful!
--- 3 ---
We celebrated these three this week! These three were all born within 10 days of each other! We love the dynamic trio of George, Reid and Titus. Happy Birthday, boys.
Last year:

--- 4 ---
This Sunday at church, when we finished singing one of the opening songs, the whole church got quiet, and George yelled, 
--- 5 ---
"Are you using my Jerome Biblical Commentary for a yoga block?!?" 
--- 6 ---
Lent is coming! I enjoyed this post as I start to decide how I'm going to fast during the Lenten season, though I promise we plan to continue to use all of our electricity. haha.
--- 7 ---
One of the surprises of Lent for me is not cooking meatless dinners, but having meatless leftover lunch options, since we eat leftovers for our lunches... It's always important to eat a meal that we can separate out meat from the night before... 

Happy Friday!

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