Friday, January 22, 2016

Take 181

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I never did share this, but the Northpoint Elementary Girls on the Run team made care packages for all the newborn babies at Memorial Hospital. 
This little hat & outfit, a little blanket and a sweet card were all waiting for us in the mother baby unit after Rowan was born. Isn't that just the sweetest?? (Side note: my niece participates in GOTR where she lives... so awesome.)
 --- 2 ---
Yoga with toddlers? "Breathe into the warrior stance" she says calmly... And then my toddler roars and runs at my so very strong lunge. Maybe I should join Girls on the Run? Note: the best time for me to do yoga is before the littles awake... and getting to breathe into the lunge is worth it. Every time.
--- 3 ---
We have a new member of our household:
Kona the dinosaur. Kona entered this household under the false pretenses that she? he? was about 6" long. Nope. George could ride this thing. And yes, she turns on, eats leaves, moves her head and tail and makes noises. Scared the heck out of G the first time she entered our home! hah. I'm sorely tempted to make a "Dinosaur" label for this blog. Don't worry, I'll resist.
(Thank you, Matt, for Kona. I'll get back at you later.)
--- 4 ---
This week, while listening to my "Classical for Studying" Pandora station, an emotional, instrumental version of Colors of the Wind (YES. Pocahontas.) started playing. I nearly spewed my diet coke.
--- 5 ---
There are a lot of things about bagels in the midwest that are sad. All of the New Yorkers in the region are aware. I try to bribe all visiting family members of mine to bring me two dozen for our freezer to keep us happy. But, I feel the need this week to reaffirm my hatred for the fact that Aldi everything bagels have raw sunflower seeds in them. ICK. That so does NOT belong in my everything bage.
--- 6 ---
I'm working on going through and editing photos from the end of last year... I finished October last night! Here's one for sharing:
This photo is full of some pretty fantastic people that I love. And, I remembered to pull out my camera and snap a quick one, even though we were juggling an infant that night. Good people, good wine and good food. What a lovely evening. More of that in 2016, no?
--- 7 ---
I've been enjoying an athletic sweatshirt that was a gift during one of my pregnancies and got tucked away until a littler me existed... I've been wearing it around home, but have to admit that my parents training to never keep my hands in my sleeves is strongly instilled and I feel kind of guilty wearing the sleeves how they're intended. Good job, Mama. Your training worked!

Happy Friday!

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  1. Newborn Rowan fills my heart with chubby smiles! How sweet of Girls on the Run!