Friday, January 15, 2016

Take 180

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
I needed to tell all of you. My parents were here just after Christmas and my Mama offered to watch the babies while I worked, instead of our normal routine. In addition to an unbelievably kind offer, we upped the ante with George having strep and an ear infection. Three cheers for my Mama, the unbelievable Grandma and nurse extraordinaire! We love you.
 --- 2 ---
My cousins had the awesome idea of a family crossword puzzle that went out with their Christmas card! 
It would've been slightly more enjoyable if I were capable of filling any of it out... Z's--where's the key?! Do I have to wait until the next issue for the answer?? Is that Christmas 2016?!
--- 3 ---
As George gets older, I'm beginning to read more interesting (to me) books, which is really quite nice. We've also begun to introduce books that are brand new! (I'm not sure I saw many of these as the youngest child in my family.) What I mean by brand new is: dust jacket. Books that have dust jackets. And you know what? I totally hate them. What is their purpose?? They just get ripped and you have to work to keep them on anyhow. Why should I not just pitch all of them?
--- 4 ---
Speaking of books and bedtimes... George has a new bed
It's created all sorts of bedtime havoc freedomWe are getting closer to convincing him that bedtime is bedtime is bedtime (is! bedtime!). But I have a sneaking feeling that I've entered a phase which for many parents lasts... years?
--- 5 ---
This week, in an effort to read a little scripture, I decided to read out loud to George as he ate breakfast and I sipped coffee. I got all the way toward the end of reading the description of Hannah weeping in the temple about being barren and wanting a child (1 Sam. 1) -- so much so that she appeared to be drunk -- George looked up at me and said, "Oh. boy." (In the "I can't believe this!" - I'll just sigh these words instead of speak them - sort of way.) I thought I would die of laughter. Sometimes you start to wonder what they're understanding!
--- 6 ---
One of George's awesome Christmas gifts is a beautiful rocking horse from his Marmie and Pops. I happened to be sitting near him the other day and (finally) remove some of the tags on him... Did you know that this horse can support 132 pounds?!
Rock on, people. Rock on (that horse).
--- 7 ---
Melanie has opened my eyes to the wonder of Trader Joe's Sipping Chocolate. There are 13 left in stock at Amazon and I dare you to beat me to them. Hot chocolate has officially entered back into my good graces and I could hardly believe my ears when she told me it was a limited item--only available at Christmastime. *weep* (My waistline thanks you, Trader Joe's.)
Happy Friday!


  1. I've heard of some people framing book dust jackets as easy, fun artwork for kids bedrooms / playrooms. :)