Friday, January 08, 2016

Take 179

7 Quick Takes Friday
Well, it's certainly been a while since I shared 7 randoms with you... So, some of these may be a bit "aged", but I still wanted to share... 
--- 1 ---
Brian had a conversation with a customer service representative at American Express last month. This man who had an Indian accent said kindly, "Enjoy the Christmas season and keep smiling!" AMEX for the win.
 --- 2 ---
My haircut was certainly a highlight of December. I also discovered that I enjoy sipping on a glass of wine while my hair is being chopped and yes, my stylist confirmed that I do have a lot of hair... it's just all thinner texture. It sounds silly, but I like knowing that about my hair. (PS- if you live in South Bend and want to be offered coffee, tea or wine with your haircut, go to Salon Rouge at the corner of 23 and Ironwood. And yes, Corrine is fantastic!)
--- 3 ---
Another year has begun and I have had anything but a banner first week of resolutions, etc. BUT, I wanted to share with you this video, which inspired me. I love the peace of the video and am inspired by this woman's daily routines. I'd like to grow up and be like her.
--- 4 ---
All of Brian's siblings went out to dinner to celebrate Christmas together (lucky me- I got invited!) and I discovered these wild cherries as the amazing addition to a Manhattan. I'm sorely tempted to buy a huge can... But likely won't. Thanks to Tapastrie in South Bend for bringing them to my attention.
--- 5 ---
Brian declared (and I quote!), "Wintry mix is the most deceptive phrase in the English language. It sounds so tasty, pepperminty and fun." Yup. So true. And we've had not a small amount of it in the past few weeks.

--- 6 ---
Did you know the ball that drops on New Year's Eve in New York City is actual Waterford crystal?? Me neither. Crazy!
--- 7 ---
I have lots of wonderful photos from the past three months that I just can't seem to get around to editing and posting... But I wanted to share this one... it's meme worthy. Go ahead and add text to this photo. You know you want to.
I seriously love these two.
Happy Friday!

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