Tuesday, January 05, 2016

Our First Reading of Winnie the Pooh

I had imagined a nice setting, filled with comfy clothes and snuggling in on a sofa or a cushioned rocking chair for our first reading of Winnie the Pooh...

But, this evening at 6:48 pm, George ran into the bathroom, shut the door and locked it. It's a beautiful 1940's door with absolutely no safety features or emergency unlock features on the hallway side. In fact, we didn't know it, but our first attempt at a solution actually removed the turn-style to unlock the door... so the job became even harder.

Oy vey! I had so little power over the situation and my son was sobbing on the other side with no light on. When I offered to read him a book while Papa came up with a solution, he sobbed pathetically, "Yes. Please." Holy heartbreak. I really did desire to break in the door. I'll admit it. I went through a couple of short books and then there was a plea for Boddington. Yes, James, in a time of crisis, we needed Sally, the inventor.

Then we moved on. Pooh, Owl, honey and Piglet. All with pathetic sniffles from the other side of a door while I sat cross-legged on a floor surrounded by tools... nary a cute child's head leaning on my shoulder...

Just over an hour later, with the spirit of Sally helping us out, Brian had worked his way in, the hero that he is and we hugged George.
He proceeded to talk through the elements of the event and then revel in all the tools that had appeared in his hallway. 

And Rowan? She slept in the room adjoining the bathroom, while we chiseled and hammered our way in. Not a peep out her, God love her.

Happy Tuesday! May your night be more peaceful than ours was!
Good. Night!

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