Sunday, January 03, 2016

2015 Review - 2015 in 12 Photos // logo_end_year_2015A3 
 Well, I totally missed this past Friday's Seven Quick Takes thanks to the holidays, lots of sickness and a fabulous New Year's Eve with my husband. (Thanks, Mom and Dad, for baby-sitting!!)

So, instead, this weekend I give you... 2015 in twelve photos!
Thanks for hosting, Bobbi!

 *    *    *
George turns one!
A fantastic trip to DC to visit our friends, Jule & Alex
 My first experience of a blogging conference - so much to learn and lots of fun
 A getaway (babymoon??) to Chicago with my Love
 Father's Day and a gifted pass to the zoo for the season
 Camping! Yes. We did.
 A visit with all three of my sisters and our childhood friends
 Rowan Adelaide!
 September... not too late to catch the beach, right?
 Rowan is baptized at the Log Chapel at Notre Dame on the USC game weekend
 Thanksgiving with my family in Indianapolis
 Christmas in South Bend
What a fantastic year...
Thank you, Lord!


  1. Nice job! Hard to whittle down to 12 snaps of the year!

    1. Unbelievably, it was easy! I don't consider most of my shots to be "oh-so-wonderful!"... I'm a picky chooser!

  2. I am late heading over here but I am glad I stopped by to see your lovely photos. I kept catching myself say, "AW!" and my son wanted to know what I was looking at. :-) Congrats on your newest little one. You have such a beautiful family. Thanks for linking up and may 2016 bring you many more blessings!! :-)