Friday, December 18, 2015

Take 178

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Rowan and George are really starting to enjoy each other. And it's a lovely sight to see!

 --- 2 ---
We've had some fun additions to our home... the first is a set of matching lamps... a rare sight to behold on Craigslist indeed... and for $10 at that! 
--- 3 ---
Another fun addition are the tree stumps from the Trinity School drama department! Brian added casters and voila! Awesome side tables.
--- 4 ---
We've had our Christmas tree up for 3 weeks and decorated for 2. I'd like to say that my unofficial part-time job is collecting, fixing and re-hanging ornaments. Subconsciously, I've been adding them back to thetop half of the tree... and our tree is officially now only half decorated. hah.
--- 5 ---
I picked up our stamps for our Christmas cards this week and found myself facing a total stranger (the check-out lady) and feeling like she was St. Peter asking me if I prefer Mary and Jesus over Peanuts. I hemmed, I hawed... I chose Charlie Brown. :)

--- 6 ---
I have been meaning day after day to do a "who wore it best" for George and Rowan with an outfit that I thought was fitting for a boy or a girl. I finally got around to it when it occurred to me that George was only one month in the photo I have of him and Rowan is... 4 months. "Who wore it best" turned right into "Goodness she's healthy."
--- 7 ---
I did post a fantastic teacher's gift last night on IG and FB, but also, I just have to mention this gift... It's honey from a student's back yard! Whoa. Awesome.

Happy Friday!

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