Friday, December 04, 2015

Take 176

7 Quick Takes Friday
--- 1 ---
Thanksgiving came and went! It was a lovely time for our family in Indianapolis with my family. Thanks to my parents for hosting us!
Some highlights of the weekend were parade watching (and being able to fast forward through commercials... Oh, and rewinding to watch the two boys dancing salsa from the opening scene more than once!), a beautiful dinner prepared mostly by my Mama, relaxing for a whole day with no where to go, (of course) going to the mall on Black Friday (and enjoying bourbon chicken at the food court- so delicious!) and watching Home Alone.
 --- 2 ---
While in Indianapolis, my Mom pulled out her trusty bucket of kids' toys that are from my childhood. And thanks to my Grandma being there, we got to learn that Mr. (& Mrs.) Potato Head used to be sold as sets of just pokey ended eyes, ears, mouths, etc. It was to be used with REAL potatoes! Crazy. (Grandma then assured us that potatoes used to be very cheap.)
--- 3 ---
This time of year I'm always reminded that pie just ain't my thing. I have tried and tried to make pie crust edible and... I just can't. It's also the case that I can almost always leave pie... So, I leave it. And don't make it. Even on Thanksgiving.
--- 4 ---
George has started plugging his ears when Rowan is crying. It's hilarious. (And she's a fairly regular crier... especially in the car.)
--- 5 ---
George said his first sentence! "Shoot the ball!" Cheers and cheers for our first born, slightly slow in learning to speak wonder boy.

--- 6 ---
We've hit fireplace season! We have discovered in our house that easiest, no-hassel (don't sue us!) method of a "no fuss" fire for a whole evening is starting with a fire log starter and laying big logs over it... No poking and stoking every 10 minutes. :)
--- 7 ---
Advent is here! I don't know about you, but every year I pull out half-used candles from last year and wonder what the heck to do with them... Do you just pitch them? We hit the road at the beginning of week 4 last year for New York which means our fourth candle was never even lit! What then?? Rollover candle four from last year and this year's fourth candle into the future?? OCD and frugal issues.

Happy Friday!


  1. Anonymous12:41 AM

    I can't make pie either. And I feel your pain on the candles. Mine have been turned into fire-starters for the grill. So liturgical.

  2. I actually bought purple and pink votive candle holders. I can replace the candle any I need, and no need to worry about the candles matching from year to yea.

  3. Anonymous1:37 PM

    We've started burning our leftover Advent candles during Lent, since that's also a purple (and pink) season :).