Tuesday, December 08, 2015

Month Four

Things I love about Rowan
in the season of month four:

-Giggling. You giggle and are ticklish. Both things that make just sitting around an absolute delight. It's seriously so fun.
-We unveiled the Johnny Jump-Up and WOW! You love it. I now have a way to get dinner on the table peacefully. This. is. so. nice.
-You are on your SIXTH work week of being watched by Marmie (20 hrs/wk) and have still essentially refused a bottle. This to me is unfathomable and I'm getting a little nervous at your capacity for stubbornness!
-You think it's hilarious when I squeeze your (huge) cheeks together.
-One thing I can say for sure... You are so darn cute!

[George: Month Four]

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